Ours Goes To Eleven, with S.A. Gibson

Today’s installment of my world-famous (HA!) interview series is an extra-special one. Not only is there a fun interview, but I’ve got a giveaway AND a snippet from a brand-new book. Woo! Let’s get started, shall we?

  1. Tell us a little about yourself.

Thank you, for having me visit, Fiona. I’m an older student who has worked in non-profit organizations most of my life. I’ve lived in California, north and south. I have loved to read science fiction as long as I can remember. Finally two years ago, I decided to try my hand at writing fiction myself. It has been a difficult learning experience. With each of the four books I have published, I have learned more about the skills required to produce a quality reading experience.

  1. Give us a five-word synopsis about your latest work.

Gullah farmer fights land grabbers.

  1. When you’re finished with a piece, do you find that it tends to differ from your original idea, or does the original idea remain more or less intact?

I start with a plot outline, then pants the actual text. Then, I find the outline needs to change because the story changes. Minor characters become more important, and places and subplots become more or less important. But, I still think of the story as essentially the same story I set out to tell. Only the route to the end result will change.

  1. If your book was made into a movie, who would you cast as the main characters?

I would like Lupita Nyong’o for Beneda. She could portray a Gullah speaker. Some people believe the Gullah dialect is most similar to West African Creole. Her friend Marquetta could be played by Leslie Jones. Asante could be played by Elijah Kelley, who was in Red Tails and The Butler.

  1. What’s the best thing about being an author? Worst thing?

It is great, you often have no boss. You can make your own hours. You can stop and play Pokemon Go anytime you want. The worst thing about being an author is that you have no boss. There is no one to make you get the work done. It’s on you, alone. You have no one to cut you a check to pay you, it’s on you.

  1. What writer’s blogs make your Top Three list? Why do they stand out above the other flobbity-jillion out there?

I like http://nicholasrossis.me. This is a page dedicated to the difficulty of marketing for authors. As Nicholas says, he “had no idea just how much work book marketing entails.”

Another interesting blog is https://nowastedink.com. The poster has interesting observations about the writer’s life. The trials and tribulation of a working writer are covered.

And finally, there is https://katzenworld.co.uk. This is a blog portal devoted to cat lovers. There are cat pictures and cat articles every day, rain or shine!

  1. What is your writing-time beverage and snack of choice?

Vegan donuts and almond milk. I’m a wannabe vegetarian, but I usually don’t do a very good job with that.

  1. Do you have any useful marketing tips for other authors?

I am just as unsuccessful as most authors in marketing my work. Over time, I’ve come to agree with those recommendations that say social media marketing reduces to making friends and communicating with individuals. Individual sales feel personal, I sometimes know who made the latest purchase.

  1. What changes do you see taking place in the publishing industry over the next couple of years?

Some kind of consolidation will have to occur. There are so many new authors entering the publishing ranks every day that I would see groups of authors banding together, like in medieval guilds, to ensure quality and share a customer base.

  1. What’s your next project?

I am working with my development editor on a sequel to Feeling a Way.This story features an epic collision between the native Americans and a horde of invaders from Asia. This future book titled A Final Way is available for pre-order at Smashwords

  1. What does “Supercalafajalistickexpialadojus” actually mean?

I want to think this word is used as a clue to the underlying quantum nature of our universe. While it might sound like nonsense, there are alternate worlds in which it has a precise and definable meaning!

Published author of academic book, chapters, articles, and post-apocalyptic “woodpunk” fiction, S.A. Gibson turns his passions for science into written worlds of wonder and fascination. He lives with his wonderful wife and their beloved Dachshund-Chihuahua in Southern California.

Find him on:

Amazon: S. A. Gibson author page
Facebook: Gibson Novels
Goodreads: S. A. Gibson page
Website: Author page
Twitter: @Smalllinux

Snippet from Asante’s Gullah Journey, by S. A. Gibson:

Her eyes scan the crop. Row on row of corn on each side, near high as Jolan’s shoulder. Hardly any smell of corn pollen left. Just a faintsweet, cloying scent. This year’s harvest might be a good one, M’Deah would be proud. Wiping sweat from her forehead, Beneda thinks about everything that can still go wrong.

If it gets hotter, or too much rain. Or not enough.

The weeders should be working the south acre. Heading that way, she examines the stalks she passes. Glancing down row by row, admiring the straightness and the bright green stalks going to dun. Her feet stop suddenly. In the distance, a disturbing sight. Feet, not moving. Maybe, one hundred meters ahead. Sticking into her row.

She quickly unslings her bow, pulling an arrow from her quiver. Starting to run, What could’ve happened? The weeders, attacked by a wolf? A bear?

Running to the end of the row, she wonders, Where everybody? A quick frantic inventory in her mind. Mama in the big house. Jolan back near the steps. He has blades. Old Willy, he be at the stables. Nat and Angel on pest control, on the north acreage. Tyrone and Sarah weeding. Those feet be one of them?

As she gets close to them feet, Beneda slows. Nocking her arrow, her head bobs in all directions. Eyes flash. Danger? Jumping past these feet she looks. It is Tyrone she sees. Sarah be down too!

Her arrow tip quivers in each direction. Seeing nothing, she kneels beside Tyrone. He moves. Looking closely shows Sarah’s breathing, and she utters a hurting moan. Tyrone with the whites showing around his eyes, and bruises forming under his brow, circling to near his ear, tries speaking.

Two men.” Tyrone voices a raspy and rough explanation. “Warned us.” Beneda looks around again. Wanting to hit something. Wanting revenge for these two in her perfect row.

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Beneda’s most important goal is to defend the family farm. Her people held the land through the change that ended the use of technology in the world. Now her mother’s land is threatened. With the help of a Library swordsman and her bow she will do whatever is necessary to save the land.

This middle grade to young adult adventure novel will appeal to lovers of action, futuristic fiction, post-apocalyptic tales, and swords & soul.

African Asante and Gullah Beneda, sword and bow, join forces in this post-apocalyptic setting, for family, birthright, and oh so much more.

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