Ours Goes To Eleven, with Lindsey Williams

This week’s Ours Goes To Eleven interview is with Hurricane Irma survivor and all-around-awesome woman, Lindsey Williams. Enjoy!

1. Tell us a little about yourself.

There’s nothing I enjoy more than inspiring people. I love walks on the beach (good for the quads, or whatever), pizza, my tiny dog, I should probably say my kids and spouse here….and, oh yeah, the writing thing.

2. Give us a five-word synopsis about your latest work.

Aliens, girls kicking ass, transitionary.

3. When you’re finished with a piece, do you find that it tends to differ from your original idea, or does the original idea remain more or less intact?

I’d say the original idea is definitely still there, but it’s grown a lot from what I set out to do. Themes tend to layer themselves right in there and by the time I’m done I’ve really gotten to know the characters. On some level, it’s almost like when you read a book and meet the characters for the first time. I was surprised by how much I could be surprised by the things that just happen as I’m writing. The characters do tend to drive the story in their own ways. It’s a lot of fun.

4. If your book was made into a movie, who would you cast as the main characters?

Ooh, good one. I had this all worked out for Jess in book one (Motherhood) but I haven’t really got to that point for Lily. Madison Pettis maybe, or Zendaya?

5. What’s the best thing about being an author? Worst thing?

The best is connecting with readers, like-minded souls, fellow weirdos – that is to say – other writers. It’s really the rewarding part of it for me. If I can make people think, and something stays with them after they put my work down, it’s all worth it. That’s one of the things I enjoy most as a reader so it’s quite a thrill for me to be on the other end of it.

The worst is the pressure. I’m sure you can say that with a lot of jobs but writing seems especially full of pressure. And it’s all pretty intimately connected to your brain babies so it can be a challenge to disconnect from it. During the writing process, you’re so immersed in your own head, in this world you’ve created, then you have to separate it from yourself and send it out there into the void in the hope it connects.

6. What writer’s blogs make your Top Three list? Why do they stand out above the other flobbity-jillion out there?

Honestly, I don’t really follow blogs (but I’ve got my eye on you now Fiona *wink*) however, I do check out Chuck Wendig’s every now and then, when something catches my eye on Twitter. I also find myself running into Jane Friedman’s…is that a blog? Her website.

7. What is your writing-time beverage and snack of choice?

Well it used to be coffee and cigarettes but I quit so now it’s pretty much water and maybe a Reisen every now and then, when I’ve been a good little writer.

8. Do you have any useful marketing tips for other authors?

Pay someone. Or exchange favors with other authors, but be sure you have something equal to offer. The second option is tricky, so tread carefully.

9. What changes do you see taking place in the publishing industry over the next couple of years?

If I were a market analyst, or in any way concerned with trends, I might have a better answer for that. Perhaps the continuing proliferation of the digital marketplace?

10. What’s your next project?

Well, after I finished Motherhood I planned on working on the insane list of concepts I’ve got tucked away, but I was informed by my brain that there would be two more books, so I have one left to work on – Unlikelihood. I’ve also been promising to finish the lesbian dragon fantasy story Dragonfae that I’ve got in the wings (heh), so I’m gonna try to get that out soon too. Annnd I’ve also got a scifi freebie-in-progress that has languished for months. It’s really anyone’s guess.

11. We need a definitive answer to one of Humanity’s most important questions: spearmint or peppermint? Which is better?

Chocolate, you fiend!

Lindsey Williams is an all organic free range human, lifetime bibliophile, and occasional poet turned self-published author. While she has multiple Amazon best-selling shorts and a very well received genre-bending debut novella under her belt, she is just getting started.

Lindsey is a Jane-of-all-trades sort who is passionate about a variety of social issues. When she’s not writing, she’s been known to engage in numerous forms of self-torture such as participating in debates or translating things into ancient Egyptian. Some of her other hobbies include researching and/or analyzing pretty much everything to death, conducting culinary experiments, listening to really loud heavy metal while relaxing in her pool, and illeism.

Follow her here:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LindseyWilliams.author
Twitter: @auth_LWilliams
Website: http://lindseymwilliams83.wixsite.com/author

2017’s Ours Goes To Eleven series is booked clear through to the end of the year. If you’re interested in being interviewed for next year’s series, drop me a line using my handy-dandy contact form here.

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