Love Of Writing Week: Bethanie Devors

Sometimes I wish I had a lovely, intellectual, beautiful response to the question writers often get: “Why do you love to write?” But my answer is actually very simple. I love stories. I love reading them, watching them, hearing them. It’s only natural I would love telling my own and start telling them at a young age. I didn’t have the kind of mom who sat and read with me, but she supplied me with lots of books and movies (I was a surprise for my parents eleven years after my older brother and eight years after my older sister so I often found myself responsible for my own entertainment).

Drew Barrymore and I are almost the same age. Seems trivial, I know, but I share this for perspective. When E.T. was released, I was about the same age as her character. My family took me to see the movie at the theater, and the movie took me on a journey with the audience. We rode the laughter and tension together, and when I left the theater, I felt like I had been riding in Elliot’s bicycle basket across the moon with them. Not long after that, I realized how similar reading a book made me feel. Each author took me on another journey with these characters who felt like friends. I loved the journey I took with Bilbo in The Hobbit and Aerin in The Hero and the Crown. Even following Scout in To Kill a Mockingbird took me to a different time and place. Eventually, I wanted to take people on a journey of my own.

This love of storytelling did not automatically translate into writing. My dolls found themselves in life or death situations more than being rocked in a cradle. Some poor doll would be hanging off the edge of a cliff (my bed) while other dolls and army men (I was an equal toy opportunity kid) tried to save them. As soon as I learned the power of putting pen or pencil to paper, I began writing those scenarios down.

I worked my way from pen, to old typewriters, to word processing machines, to the computer. At the time, there was a single computer in a single room under the watchful eye of a single teacher. She demanded I keep my fingers on the home keys to type if I wanted to use that computer. I reverted to my much faster free-form typing the second she looked away.

I spent hours of my free time through my school years in computer labs so I could write. In class, I always had two spiral notebooks on my desk – one for class notes and the second for writing, which I did as the teacher lectured. The journeys in my head never stopped and continue today. I write the books I want to read and hope readers will trust me to take them on the journey with me. I want to say, “Trust me to take you on a ride somewhere with these characters I love so much.” And every time someone reads my work, I’m honored that they did exactly that.

So why do I love writing? Because I love to travel with my characters, and I love bringing you along.

Bethanie F. DeVors resides in South Carolina surrounded by four cats and two dogs. She is currently working on her fantasy series, The Seodrassian Chronicles. A lifelong reader, Bethanie discovered she wanted to tell her own stories after attempting to write fan fiction episodes for The A-Team and The Monkees. She started writing during third grade and never stopped, encouraged by her family, particularly her mother.

When not writing fiction, Bethanie spends her time daydreaming about Henry Cavill and helping further the cause to convince Chris Hemsworth to wear a kilt. In an effort to maintain her geek card, she participates in a yearly 24-hour gaming marathon through Extra Life to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and attempts to attend at least one comic convention a year.

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