Love of Writing Week: Amanda Young

After four years of rigorous and stressful classes and assignments for my Master’s program, I learned what truly made me love my craft. Writing showed me that hidden in each character was a part of me just waiting to be discovered.

In my first novel, Dollhouse Daughter (still under construction), Cassie is a 13 year old who shares my love Harry Potter, my unending thirst for knowledge, and a giant heart-shaped hole in my heart for love and acceptance. It was only a matter of time before writing Cassie’s story helped me to forge through my own personal struggles and give myself the strength I need to keep going.

When I write, I find myself learning more about my own strengths and weaknesses. And it fills me with joy because the more I put of myself into my stories the more I think the reader benefits from it. I love to connect with other and my characters, filled with bits of me, allow me to expand the reach of that connection. If I can learn to love myself more by writing my characters, hopefully, one day readers of my stories will love me through my characters.

Amanda Young is a recent graduate with an M.F.A. in Creative Writing specializing in fiction living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She’s currently revising her first novel Dollhouse Daughter for eventual publication. In the off time from her day job, you can follow her writing and personal journey through her blog The Spotted Writer, where you will discover her love of cats, writing, and Stephen King.

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