The Magpie’s Daughter

Title: The Magpie’s Daughter: Faeries of the Revelations Book One
Author: Fiona Skye
Genre: YA Portal Fantasy
Date of Publication: August 6, 2017
Publisher: Casa Cielo Press
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When Aeryn Walker receives a mysterious package for her sixteenth birthday, she has no idea that what’s hidden inside will catapult her into a dangerous adventure, full of magic and faeries, where she will uncover the secret of her father’s true identity.


“[T]here’s more to The Magpie’s Daughter than meets the eye. … On the surface, The Magpie’s Daughter is simply a young woman’s journey into another world to rescue her father. Beneath the surface, however, it appears to be an allegory about a teenage girl’s transition into adulthood.” — Five-star Amazon review

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