Child of Clay

Title: Child of Clay: Those Who Are Awake Book One
Author: Fiona Skye
Genre: Occult/Horror/Supernatural
Date of Publication: April 17, 2017
Publisher: Casa Cielo Press
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Abandoned at birth on the steps of a Catholic orphanage, Jerrilyn Seton spent most of her childhood learning about the saints and angels, serving Jesus, and suffering the sisters’ tough discipline, until they, too, abandoned her. Despite this, she still relies on her faith to help her with her work as a ghost hunter. But not once has she ever received an answer to her prayers.

Until now.

Now Jerrilyn hears whispers in the dark, a strange voice that hints at hidden knowledge about her origins and the fate of the world. How are they connected? What will she sacrifice to become one of Those Who Are Awake?


Read or Die: Child of Clay

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A Snappy and Memorable Supernatural Horror

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